Remote Live Security Camera Monitoring

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Live Security Camera Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your business is probably the most tiresome thing to do.

Not just your business, you need to monitor your employees´ conduct and the environment of your business premises.

With our Digital Surveillance Services, you can stop worrying about this and let us keep a check on the lot without the fear of missing out on something.

We offer:

  • Daily 8 Hours of Remote Monitoring 
  • And on-demand 24/7 Remote Monitoring

We have a dedicated center for remote monitoring where our efficient and experienced team watches over your business for you.

The owners are notified about any unusual activity within the business premises through SMS, Phone, and Email.

Our state of the art cameras, screens, and network systems ensure the best possible surveillance for your business.

Identification of Suspicious Activities

Improve Customer Service

Monitor possible Shoplifting

Notification Calls to Employees

Prompt Notification to Business Owners

Affordable Cost

Camera Monitoring
Camera Monitoring

DISCLAIMER: We highly respect people’s privacy and strongly believe in humankind’s equality regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or color. It’s the business owner’s ethical responsibility to inform their employee and customers if there are any active audio/video surveillance present on-premises.

Asncom Inc. will not call nor inform local Law Enforcement in case of any employee/customer dispute (unless if there’s a matter of life threat) — We will promptly inform Business Managers/Owners of any unfortunate incidents that require their urgent attention.

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